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Hydraulic steelworkers - The Compact Range Print E-mail
 The Compact Range of Hydraulic Steel Workers are the best range for “value for money” world wide.All machines are commissioned by works trained engineers (training is also provided for the user)


The Compact Range 60 - 5

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Steelworkers - Hydraulic Punching Machine Model - 50P Print E-mail

Hydraulic Punching Machine Model - 50P

Full stroke adjustment—Lower power inching—Universal die bolster punching up to 38mm as standard—Heavy duty punch table with multipurpose boster—Removable table block for overhand channel/joist flange punching—Wide applications for large hole punching, crimping, tube notching bar bending, sheet bending, punch press applications– Machines with very low maintenance requirements—Overload relief on hydraulic system—Interchangeable bearings, seals and valves readily available from stockists of hydraulic equipment.

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Hydraulic steelworkers - The 'Multi' Range Print E-mail

The “Multi” is the culmination of 40 years of steelworker manufacture, the vast experience and knowledge gained is contained in this magnificent range and is without doubt the best quality and value for money (Especially at the prices we, CMZ are able to offer). 

The 'Multi' Range

An optional “production pack” is available consisting of:

  • Halogen lamp on magnetic base
  • 1 metre ruled touch and cut length stop
  • Fine adjustment to punch stroke
  • Measuring scales in notch table.

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Linear Rail Accessory Print E-mail

This accessory offers a dramatic increase in productivity over conventional methods of hole-punching. It can be either manually or CNC controlled and is the ideal cost effective method of punching and punching flat steel, angles, channel, 'T' and 'I' beams.

Linear Rail Accessory

Linear Rail Accessory

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2 Axis CNC controlled Positioning Table Print E-mail

 This product is ideal for manufacturing repeat batches accurately and cuts out the need for the labour intensive manual layout. The CNC controlled Positioning Table can be fitted to all Kingsland "XS" and Ultima Steelworkers.

2 Axis CNC controlled Positioning Table


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Automatic Hydraulic Punching Machine Print E-mail

For the customers who want fast, accurate distortion free punching of ‘any-shape’ of hole in ‘any-shape’ of tube this is the ideal machine to use.

The standard unit consist of:

  • 1 60P hydraulic punching machine (60 tons capacity) with work area guard and tube punch.
  • 1 automatic position unit (M550 control, gripper and drive assembly)
  • 1 adjustable mandrel, tube and support block
  • 1 adjustable table with bottom die block and conical stripper/guides 2 x 4.0M

Automatic Hydraulic Punching Machine

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